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Thursday Powerball climbs to $80 Million – 10/1/2019

Once again Powerball has seen it’s already huge jackpot climb even higher. After last week’s draw hit $50 million but was not won, this week’s draw (no. 1182) on Thursday, January 10, 2019, will have an even more amazing $80 million jackpot on offer for division one. The massive prize pool comes off the back…

Lottery News

$150 Million In Lottery Jackpots This Week – Powerball + Oz Lotto

This week will see a new Australian record of $150 million in combined lottery jackpots. Tuesday Oz Lotto, draw number 1277 on August 7th 2018, stars off the mega jackpot week with a huge $70 million jackpot on offer. Thursday Powerball, draw number 1160 on August 9th 2018, adds another $80 million jackpot to the…