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Find the latest Australian lottery results and read about the big lotto winners from around the country.

Throughout the year there are many massive jackpots across Tuesday Oz Lotto, Thursday Powerball and Saturday Gold Lotto. These jackpots are massive life-changing amounts for their lucky winners.

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$20 Million Superdraw Results – May 11 2019

The $20 Million Superdraw for Gold Lotto on Saturday May 11, 2019, has created a total of six new millionaires. The winning numbers that were drawn on the night were 27, 32, 44, 28, 34 and 17, while the supplementary numbers were 22 and 8. The six winners each claimed $3,333,333.34 from the $20,000,000.04 division…

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Amazing $70 Million Oz Lotto Results – Draw 1310

The results from Tuesday’s $70 Million Oz Lotto (draw no. 1310) has had an amazing outcome, with one man holding 2 out of the 3 winning lottery tickets. The unusual turn of events occurred after the Victorian man accidentally bought the same entry ticket twice, using the exact same numbers that he has always played…

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17 Winners Share Saturday $30 Million Megadraw

A total of 17 winners have shared the $30 Million prize pool for division one in the Saturday Lotto Megadraw. The winning numbers from draw 3907 on 29/12/2018 were 9, 33, 39, 30, 2 and 17 while the supplementary numbers were 22 and 41. Over the course of 2018 Saturday Lotto, along with Monday and…

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Gold Coast Retiree Wins $60 Million Powerball

A retired man from the Gold Coast has won the whole division one prize pool in Thursday night’s $60 million Powerball draw. The incredible win is the second largest individual lottery win in Australia, with the largest still being the 2016 $70 million Powerball that was won by grandparents in Hervey Bay. Amazingly, the two…

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Search For Powerball $30 Million Jackpot Winner From Tasmania

Update: A man from Tasmania, who wishes to remain anonymous, has claimed the $30 million Powerball jackpot after checking the numbers on his unregistered ticket. … Lottery officials have put out call for Tasmanian’s to check their tickets from last week’s Powerball $30 Million jackpot draw on September 20th 2018. One entry ticket purchased at…

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Mystery winner of $30 Million Oz Lotto

The winner of the $30 Million Oz Lotto draw no. 1282 from Tuesday 11 September 2018 remains a mystery, more than a week later. With the ticket having been bought at a newsagent and not registered, officials are unable to track down the winner. To help narrow the search NSW Lotteries have announced that the…