$20 Million Superdraw Results – May 11 2019

Lottery News

The $20 Million Superdraw for Gold Lotto on Saturday May 11, 2019, has created a total of six new millionaires.

The winning numbers that were drawn on the night were 27, 32, 44, 28, 34 and 17, while the supplementary numbers were 22 and 8.

The six winners each claimed $3,333,333.34 from the $20,000,000.04 division one prize pool. Of the winners, three were from Queensland, two from Victoria and one from Western Australia.

Two of the three winners from Queensland were from Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, showing that the Gold Coast is quite a lucky lottery area.

One of the Victorian winners, a man from St Albans in Melbourne, increased his total winnings to $3,340,539.04 after also claiming division 3 six times.

Gold Lotto will return to the normal prize money of $4 Million on Saturdays.

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