Man’s Tactic revealed after $20m Lotto Win

Lottery News

One lucky man who claimed millions in a huge Oz Lotto win has revealed a “special” tactic he used to claim the prize.

A man has discovered he is now $20m richer over a cup of coffee, describing the moment he realised he was a division one winner.

“This morning, before going to work, I thought I’d check my ticket. I had a bit of a moment, all right,” he explained. “It took a little bit to register, but I’m starting to register now.

I’m just sitting down now having a coffee.”

The Forster man said he always knew he was going to win the lottery one day, and had a tactic he played for decades.

“These are special numbers I’ve been playing for over 20 years. I always knew I was going to win.

“My family always said to me, ‘If anyone was ever going to win the lottery, it’s you.’

“I’ve always thought of myself as being a little bit lucky, and now I have proof.”

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