Powerball Jackpots to $50 Million on Thursday

Lottery News

Powerball draw number 1181 will have a life-changing $50 million jackpot on offer for the first game of 2019 on Thursday, January 3.

With no one taking out division one for the last 6 weeks of Powerball, the large jackpot sets the scene for a great start to the new year. And if not won, it will jackpot again.

The last big Powerball jackpot to be won was the $60 Million draw in November when a retiree from the Gold Coast claimed the whole division one prize pool.

So for your chance to win get your tickets today. To win you need to have selected all of the eight numbers on one game entry, that is the seven numbers drawn from the first barrel and the Powerball number is drawn from the second barrel.

Play Powerball and buy your tickets here – entries close Thursday night 7pm.