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Oz Lotto Hits $50 Million Jackpot

Oz Lotto draw number 1321 will have on offer a huge $50 Million jackpot on Tuesday, 11th June 2019. Large lottery draws like this can be very popular, especially when big wins have happened recently. The latest large Oz Lotto jackpot to go off was in March earlier this year when the $70 Million jackpot…

Lottery News

Powerball Jackpots to $50 Million on Thursday

Powerball draw number 1181 will have a life-changing $50 million jackpot on offer for the first game of 2019 on Thursday, January 3. With no one taking out division one for the last 6 weeks of Powerball, the large jackpot sets the scene for a great start to the new year. And if not won,…