Tuesday Oz Lotto Climbs to $30 Million

Lottery News

This week’s Oz Lotto draw, on Tuesday 28th May 2019, will see it’s jackpot climb to $30 Million for draw no. 1319.

The last time a $30 Million jackpot was won in Oz Lotto was last year, on Tuesday 11 September. On that occasion, one winner won the whole division one prize pool.

Since then the largest Oz Lotto draw was earlier this year on Tuesday 26 March when a massive $70 million was split between three winning entries. However, in an amazing turn of events, one of the winners accidentally purchased two of the same ticket and won division one twice.

For your chance to win all or a share of the $30 million lottery on offer tonight, make sure you get your tickets now. You can purchase in a store such as newsagent or licensed lottery dealer, or more conveniently you can also purchase online.

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